• Desde entonces mi deseo ha sido de servirle al DIOS de la salvación, con mis fallos y defectos pero siempre con ganas de servirle, que DIOS les bendiga a Todos

  • Desde Madrid un saludo a todos, pertenezco a JESUS Revolution Madrid hace más de año y medio, este ministerio está destinado a ganar almas para CRISTO, porque hace más de 15 años una persona me dió la oportunidad de conocer JESUS, me mostró que la vida no consisitía en hacer lo que hacía pues estaba preso por ladrón y llevaba más de 5 años en pr…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone,

    I would like to share with you how I became a part of Jesus Revolution. I first heard of Jesus Revolution in 2011, when they came to Hungary. I was so inspired by the passion they had for God. I was thinking: “God, I want to do what they do. I want to know You like they do. I want to preach like them.”

    4 years later I found myself…[Read more]

  • Hey hey hey! one day ago, I met a guy inside the bus who was drunk. he dropped his beer “cup” near my feet and he said sorry. And then, my JR mate Alejandra said “Talk about Jesus!!!”. I just went for it and asked “Do you know that Jesus loves you?” He said something like “really? no!”… I just shared the love of God for him and what Jesus did…[Read more]

  • Hey people, last week here in Oslo as part of Jesus Revolution we had a working week, and I have been working, playing worship songs on harp and talking with people at the same time. Sounds impossible :)
    So I had a box for money(and thank God I earned the money I needed to earn), but at the same time I was praising God playing songs on harp), praying for the place where I played to be filled with God’s presence, and also I was praying for people passing by. Every day I met few people with whom I talked, sharing Jesus and making contacts.
    Once my amazing Jesus Revolution group of people supported me with being my audience and some other people joined also and I was strenghten to share something about God that not only the music on harp brings peace, but also when we are thankful to God for everything in our lives and when we forgive other people around us and being better persons. It was great to hear from a friend from JR who heard a boy next to her saying “Wow this was amazing” after I shared.
    SO I praise God for giving me opportunate to earn money on the steet, pray for people on the street, talk to them and praise God. Everything at the same time :)))

  • Hello everybody!

    At an Outreach here in Oslo I met a girl from Germany (i am also from Germany) and she is travelling for one year alone through Europe. I shared with her the gospel and when I asked her, if she wants to have Jesus in her life she asked me who doesn’t want to have Jesus? I prayed with her and she made a decision for Jesus!

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    Outreach at a electronic music festival!

    – settle a tent and label JESUS on it
    – go and speak with the open party people,
    explain them the best drug they can have
    – if the situation arises, invite them with likely words: “I am sure you are thirsty, we offer drinks for free :) “, “sure you have to take a break, you danced so long”, “come and take…[Read more]

  • Hello to everybody! One month ago I attended my first street meeting in Oslo. It was really amazing! The sun was shining and I was so excited: we danced and we played a drama and also I shared my testimony. And after the preaching had finished I talked to many people with an open heart for God. Before I started I was a bit afraid for the difficulties in the communication but I began to pray and I was really shocked because everything went so easy. I also asked God that I would meet people who speak italian and during the afternoon I met 2 people who could speak italian! God is amazing! His strength is made perfect in our weakness. God bless you!

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