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Oddleiv Sandtorv
Video - 19 hours ago
Oddleiv Sandtorv
Outreach Idea - 3 days ago


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Abigail Vrede
3 days ago

Coming outreaches Jesus Revolution Oslo

The fall has arrived… the leaves fell down and turned ombre, it got darker, and yes; it became a little bit colder this month ( with even some snow!) , but that will not stop us from telling people the good news!
So in this beautiful month of October we will have three more outreaches with Jesus Revolution Oslo. This will be on the square in front of the parliament , called Eidsvolls plass. We will share some testimonies, dance, perform a drama and most important: we will share the gospel!
You are very welcome to join and meet us on the following dates from 16.00 – 18.00:
17th of October
24th of October
31st of October

Be blessed!

Iris Eunice Enriquez
Video - 6 days ago
Tim Reinert
Video - 6 days ago
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Tim Reinert
Video - 6 days ago
Karen Marta
Testimony - 6 days ago

This is a testimony from our classmate in the Bibleschool about a healing of a sick man she met when we had the streetmeeting this morning...

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Oddleiv Sandtorv
Photo Album - 6 days ago

Grønland outreach

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Paul Hockley
1 week ago

A new group has registered online! Welcome to Youth Alive Füssen! Check them out here: http://jesusrevolution.com/groups/youth-alive-fussen/

Alberto McMahon
Testimony - 1 week ago
The Unfading Dream

Alberto McMahon Written by T.S.McMahon The Unfading Dream “What’s your name?” is a common enough question. It asks us something that is essential to our identity. But what if you are known simply as “Child number 50”? What does that...

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Karen Marta
Video - 1 week ago
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Abigail Vrede
Testimony - 1 week ago
The name of JESUS

Something really cool that happened: we were talking on the street and when Karen mentioned the name “Jesus” a man that was walking in front of us suddenly turned around and looked at us. He kept on walking, but he...

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Abigail Vrede
Testimony - 1 week ago
Sharing the gospel!

Hey everyone! Last tuesday we had an outreach in Gronland, Oslo. Before we were going out on the streets, we actually had some teaching on how to preach the gospel, so we got to put it in practice immediately! ...

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Paul Hockley
Video - 2 weeks ago
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Oddleiv Sandtorv
Video - 3 weeks ago
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Oddleiv Sandtorv
Testimony - 3 weeks ago
Back straightened!

Towards the end of the youth meeting in Lyngdal, I shared a word of knowledge, that someone had pain in their back, and had a length difference on their legs. One young girl immediately raised her hand, and I asked...

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Christine Hagen
Outreach Idea - 1 month ago

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La Pina
Photo Album - 1 month ago

Mission Trip in Czech Republic

Benjamin Zocholl
1 month ago

Here is the Summer-Team group picture

Mikkel Dammann
Testimony - 2 months ago
Signs, Wonders & Miracles

I just want to share a few testimonies with you from one of our recent mission trips: A ten year old girl was brought to one of our crusades that was born dumb. She had never spoken in her life....

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Alberto McMahon
2 months ago

Hey guys I’m doing good.. Imiss you guys so much..pastore garibaldi

Paul Hockley
Video - 2 months ago
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Petra Wigger
Video - 2 months ago
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