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    27th November 2015 at 18:00
    Giardini San Leonardo, Catanzaro, Italy
  • Hey! A friday evening we had street evangelism. Before we went out I asked God to use my hands for healing. On the street I saw a girl walking with cruches. I could see that she was in a hurry, but I ran after her to stop her. She told me that she had to catch the ferry that would leave in 3 minutes. I asked if I could only get 10 seconds to pray for her, so that God could heal her. She concidered it for a short time, but finally she said yes. I laid my hands on her and prayed short. She said thank you and started to walk very fast with the cruches to catch the ferry. Suddendly I see her taking up the cruches and she was walking without them. She couldn’t walk on the left leg, but now she was almost running with both legs. God healed her!


    Hi everyone! Two Friday ago we went out to the center for an evangelization in the evening. I and other people used the “mirror box”, if you don’t know what is it I can explain to you: it’s a nice box with inside a mirror. Really simple but so powerful! We start to stop every girl o group of girls and we asked “I have something to show to you.…[Read more]

  • A girl from a Organization (not a Christian) approached to Friend and me on the streets. She wanted to inform us about different things happening in the World and why we should support her Organization.
    She was very happy that we listened, however we both said, we don’t want to support it among other things, because we support already some Christian Organizations and could tell her that we love Jesus.

    Then she was very curious about us Christians, since she is a Muslim and has some “Christian” Friends who don’t really care about what Jesus said.
    We could answer many questions about how we live and how real Christians are, she wanted our Facebook contact, and wants to meet us also in church.
    God loves Muslims and they are going to meet the real God

  • Hi everyone,

    Two weeks ago we were in Poland on a mission trip. We did different things every day. On Monday we went to a hospital where children, under 15, suffer in depression. When we entered, we all felt a heavy atmosphere. I did feel like I could hardly breathe. After we had introduced ourselves, we started our program. Dance, drama, testimony and preaching Jesus. In the meantime, the atmosphere changed and God’s presence took over. We started worshiping and praying them. It was so nice to see how the kids’ faces suddenly changed. They experienced God’s love. While we were leaving, one of the responsibles said that ‘normally these kind of meetings end in a chaotic way but this time was different’. We only had to leave because the children had to go to sleep. We were supposed to be there for one hour but we were there for almost two hours. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I was overwhelmed by how God touched these children. He loves them so much.

    Thank you for reading. God bless,

    Paul Daniel

  • Hey :)
    More than a month ago, I met a boy at the street meeting. He believes in God but he was disappointed in church and was confused how real christians live. I gave him the address of the church and after that meeting I continued praying for him. 3 sundays ago he felt God told him to go to Markus Kirke, a church I go. He went and was very much blessed. He came once again and I gave him Bible. He was very thankful and was looking forward to read it. He said he would come again.
    Prayer is so powerful.
    Glory to God.

  • My friend Lukas and I were walking on oslo’s streets when we suddenly started to talk with a homeless man. we went for it and we preached the clear and powerful gospel. The man had pain in both of his feet and after we prayed for him, he got heal. The deal is that the day before, a girl prayed for him and he got heal in another part of his body. So after he saw the second miracle, he accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord. We shouted loud hallelujah. #hallelujah

  • Hi :)
    DUring street meeting I saw 2 girls walking and I stopped them to share the Gospel. I started talking about good and bad things in the world and how God made us to live in freedom. And they told me how they were just talking about values in this world. So right away I said that we met for a reason. They see bad things happening in the world but they dont believe in God, but in “something”. I started sharing my life with Jesus. They told me that they were inspired what I was talking and how my belief is strong.
    I decided to take contact from them. I still pray for them and soon will plan to write them to meet.

  • On the streetmeeting on friday in the centre of Oslo a guy watched our show, which I met and talked before about Jesus one week ago.
    I went to him and he told me that he didnt read the small brochure about Jesus which I gave to him. Then I got some words of knowledge for him for example that he is looking for diversion and he was touched.
    I asked him if he wants to try Jesus, he agreed and then I prayed the salvation prayer with him.
    All glory to God.

  • I was sitting in a tram on my way down to the city, and I saw a homeless guy sitting a few meters away from me. I smiled to him and showed him in an encouraging and loving way. After he saw my Bible, he showed me his Bible and came to me and asked me different things. Even though, he didn’t speak so much English, I was able to invite him and show him in his Bible some encouraging verses and could pray for him.
    God is so Good.
    He left the tram very encouraged and with a big smile on his face

  • I was with my friend talking and a young man came to ask for money, we didnt have money, but I asked him if he believes in God. He said that another man asked him day before to receive Jesus and he received. But during talk God revealed me that he needs to forgive someone. When I asked him he was angry and told me that he cant forgive to some people. My friend and I talked with him for long time and at the end I prayed for him, for peace, forgiveness, healings. I cant remember when Holy Spirit moved me so powerfuly in prayer for him. During whole prayer he was crying. We both hugged him after and he was very thankful.
    We still pray for him.
    Thank God for tears and His love that touches depth of people’s hearts.

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