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How To Overcome Your Fear and Speak About Jesus

I had a boldness breakthrough in my last year of high school. I had realized that it was time to show the world I didn’t care what they thought about me. I was determined to make a statement. So I

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5 loser-ship lessons from a young loser (or was it leader?)

A new field of study is emerging in Christian circles. It is the study of “loser-ship”. In other words, how can you be the best — or is it worst? — Christian loser possible. OK, maybe not. But concerning leadership, I

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Evangelize or fossilize

Volumes are written and libraries could be filled with literature, on how to be refreshed in your spiritual life, and how to keep your relationship with Jesus alive and vibrant. Many times though, feeling that I am in the midst

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A short encouragement

An encouragement from Oddleiv Sandtorv for the Jesus Revolution groups.

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1700 heard the Gospel, 91 instantly healed and 339 sought salvation !

We stepped off the bus- almost midnight, still humid, and a salty-sweet mist surrounding us.  Finally in Bari.  The whole year had culminated up to this trip, Summer Team 2012! In the coming days, around 70 youth from over 12 nations joined Jesus

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⁃    Hello! Have you heard about Jesus before? ⁃    No! ⁃    What? Jesus Christ, the saviour of the world? Have you not heard about him? ⁃    Ehh…is that some kind of religious stuff? Maybe your first thought is that this

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Onion Evangelism: Layer by Layer

I believe all of us as Christians have a goal given by Jesus. Go, proclaim, make disciples, baptize, teach. Basically, make Jesus’ name known to those for whom it is currently unknown. However, in addition to this similar goal, it’s

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A Summer with Meaning

If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions you should check out the web site for Jesus Revolution Summer Team! Young people from different nations of Europe and outside Europe will this summer gather together to

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Reaching the world with compassionate love

It didn’t take me long to thank God for raising up Manna Ministry in a time like this in India. Ernest and Rachel Komanapalli (the founders) and their team do not only believe in the fullness of the Gospel, but

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God’s Love Multiplied

I haven’t seen her for two weeks now. Sitting on the edge of my bed in Zaheerabad, East-India, I am looking at a picture of my daughter and getting a lump my throat. Suddenly it dawns upon me… Rewind a

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