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How To Overcome Your Fear and Speak About Jesus

I had a boldness breakthrough in my last year of high school. I had realized that it was time to show the world I didn’t care what they thought about me. I was determined to make a statement. So I

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Resources To Answer Difficult Questions About God

Have you ever wanted to share your faith with your friends, but thought they might have many difficult questions about God? The good news is that you are not the only one in this situation. Many Christians have struggled with

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How Can There NOT Be a God With All The Suffering in the World? – How to Share the Gospel part 2

“This is part 2 of a series on how to share the gospel with atheists. You can read part 1 here.” “There is suffering in the world therefore God does not exist.” This is the argument atheists use most frequently

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How To Share the Gospel in the Streets – Part 1: Starting the Conversation

In this series we shall look at how to share the gospel in the streets. The question for today is: How to start the conversation in a good way? Maybe you have already asked yourself this question. It is obviously

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