Jesus Revolution groups F.A.Q

Do we have to be called a Jesus Revolution group?

Yes and no. Since the Jesus Revolution groups are a network of young people all over the world, we would like all the people who are part of one that they have a common name and vision. However, since the group operates under the authority of the local church, when you are having outreaches in the streets, you do not present yourselves as a Jesus Revolution group, but as coming from that local church.

Does a Jesus Revolution group replace my youth group?

Nope. A Jesus Revolution group is meant as an evangelistic unit and a discipleship group within your youth group/church. It does not replace the youth group, even though we would encourage the whole youth group to take part.

Are there any requirements to become leader of a group?

The only need is that you must be perfect. Ok, no…since Jesus Revolution groups are under the authority of the local church, the church leadership is responsible to decide whom they want to lead the group.

If we start a group, will you follow us up?

When a group starts, we will offer quality follow-up through the internet and by phone. Every year, we also organize a summer team, where we give follow-up for the groups, as well as fresh inspiration and teaching. In some nations, we also have a national coordinator that can travel around and inspire the groups. Our Jesus Revolution teams trained in Oslo are also available for any church that would like extensive training for their group.

Are there any minimum requirements for the group?

We have not set any lower limit as to how often the group has to meet, etc. The only requirement that has to be met to be a group is to have at least four outreaches per year.

Is there any age limit for the people in the group?

Since the group operates under the local church, it is also free to decide who it would like to take part in the group. We do not have any age limits, but Jesus Revolution groups would usually have people between 13-14 and 30.

Can several churches have a Jesus Revolution group together?

Definitely! We love to see churches working together to give the Gospel to their city. The only condition is that the leaders from the churches involved give their consent.

We have very creative people in our church; can we use our own resources for evangelism?

Si señor! We would like to see each church use their creativity and develop their own ways of doing evangelism. What is more, if you have a great resource, you can also make a video recording of it, and upload it to the community website so that the other groups may be inspired and use what you have produced to reach out to their city!

How much does it cost to start a group?

To make it possible for churches around the world to start Jesus Revolution groups, we have made different price zones for different countries. Contact us on this page for prices in your region.

The registration fee means that you receive teaching manuals, instructions videos, access to the community web, and finally quality follow-up by phone and email from the Jesus Revolution International Headquarter in Oslo. It also means that we will be able to continually provide new and useful resources for you to be trained to reach out to your city!

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