10 Reasons you Definitely Should Join Impact the Alps this Summer

#1 It’s a two week investment that will impact eternity

Every year during the Impacts, hundreds of people take a decision for Christ. Imagine that by investing two weeks of your summer holidays, you can be part of changing people’s eternity. Mic drop. We could stop right there and it would all be worth it. But there’s more!

#2 You will get challenged to do things you’ve never done before

Let’s face it, all of us need help with getting out of our comfort zones. The best way to do that is to be challenged by someone and given opportunities to step out in boldness. The Impact is the perfect place to cross the chicken line, and boost your boldness.

#3 You’ll make new friends from other nations

During the Impact you will be place in a team and a ministry group. Every year people find new friends as they spend two weeks training together, ministering together, praying together and having crazy fun together. Speaking about fun…

#4 You’ll have crazy fun

Missions is serious, but mission is also seriously fun. At the Impact, you’ll have fun with your team, fun with the people from your nation, and yes, there’s even a day off for you to enjoy even more fun.

#5 You’ll discover new cultures and nations

Have you ever tasted a freshly baked German pretzel? Or an Austrian Apfelstrudel. Do you come from Italy and are fascinated with the Germans sense of order? Every year it’s a blessing to discover new cities, new cultures and to be enriched by enlargening your horizons and cultural understanding.

#6 God will be glorified by you using your gifts and talents

Whether it’s dance, music, media, technical skills or more, you will learn and develop your skill. God is glorified when you give back to Him through your service to people. Our workshop instructors are ready to teach you and help you take your skills to a new level.

#7 God’s presence is there

Yep, God’s presence is everywhere believers are, but there’s something unique about the combination of receiving and giving; worshiping the king and preaching His gospel. As you allow God to flow in you and through you, you will experience being a vessel of His presence to the streets.

#8 You’ll meet the awesome people from last year

Every year the Impact is an opportunity to reconnect with the amazing people you met there last year. You know those crazy, hungry for God, encouraging people that you love to hang out with? That’s why the Impact is one of the highlight of the year, every year.

#9 You’ll bless the local churches and be blessed by them

Every year, the Impacts are organized to serve local churches and to reach out together with them. As every local church knows, it’s a blessing to receive young people that are bold and ready to share the gospel. You can be part of blessing and encouraging the youth of the local church in the nation you will travel to. And you will surely be blessed back in return too!

#10 You will finally have some meaningful content for your Insta feed!

Ok, that’s tongue in cheek, but most Insta feeds can be described as following: A bunch of selfies with a bible verse or quote to soften the narcissistic feel. Ouch! Maybe I’m there sometimes too. But life is more than Insta followers, and by sharing photos of your trip, you can also encourage people to join missions and impact eternity. And who knows, maybe you will get a hunger to join for more than just two weeks!

Oh, and find out more about the trip here.

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