A historic day: Relaunch of campaigns that shake cities

Today is a historic day in the history of Jesus Revolution. For the first time in almost twenty years (with one exception in 2006), we will be running gospel campaigns.

“Campaigns that shake cities” was one of the first words we received at the beginning of our ministry. We believe that the gospel is meant to be shared privately and preached publicly. Tonight, starting in Modugno, we are launching the first of three campaigns in Italy where the gospel will be made available, publicly and clearly.

For six weeks, the local churches and teams from Jesus Revolution Norway and Italy have been preparing, praying, visiting schools and universities, having workshops, preparing discipleship courses, and getting ready for the harvest. The campaign evening will feature a mix of music, the Jesus Revolution Crew, and evangelists preaching and praying for the sick. Jesus Revolution’s founder and international leader Stephan Christiansen will be leading the charge.

The last weeks we have been overwhelmed by unprecedented generosity for these campaigns, as individuals, businesses and churches have donated to support our efforts. We are truly thankful for every single contribution and for this being a team effort from the body of Christ around the world!

The first campaign starts today in Modugno, and lasts until Sunday. The campaigns then move to Catanzaro from the 22-26th of May and finally to Matera from the 29th of May to 2nd of June.

We are believing God for a mighty harvest! Join us in the prayer the coming days for this event. The best way to follow the action is on our instagram https://instagram.com/jesusrevolution

Clips from rigging day

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