2019 Recap

Dear friends,

We are so thankful that you are standing with us to see the youth of the world reached with the Gospel. At the start of a new year, let us look back with thankfulness to everything the Lord has done through Jesus Revolution in 2019.

2019 recap


  • Our full time missionaries were sent out again, to preach the gospel, and train young people to stand up for Jesus in their schools and among their friends

Broken & Beautiful

  • We released a brand new concert production with the Jesus Revolution Crew. They travelled to 26 different cities in 7 different countries, seeing young people giving their lives to Jesus every single time!

Open air campaigns

  • Launching open air campaigns for the first time in Jesus Revolution history. We went to 3 different cities in Italy; Modugno, Matera and Catanzaro. Despite the worst weather for decades, we experienced salvation, healing and great joy as many people were added to the local churches. This is the exciting beginning of a new era of open air campaigns in Europe. More campaigns are in the planning.

Impact the Alps

  • Hundreds of young people gathered in Gospel Forum, Stuttgart for one week, before we sent them all out to Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein and Germany, to Impact the whole Alps region with the gospel and work with local churches. Over 7000 people heard the gospel and more than 220 people received Jesus in 1 week of outreach.

National Summer Teams

  • The Italian and Bulgarian base arranged their own summer teams in addition to Impact the Alps.

New missions base

  • In 2017 we were invited by a Pentecostal movement in Bulgaria to come and help them with their youth. After 2 years of planning and leader training, we could finally send Hristina Galchavova with a team to open a brand new missions base in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

New base leaders in Oslo

  • With Paul Hockley leading Impact France, Oddleiv & Debora Sandtorv stepped in as new base leaders for the Missions base in Oslo.


During one of our campaigns in Italy, we had a time of praying for the sick. There was a young boy 11 years old who was deaf in one of his ears. He had been to all the best doctors in Rome and nothing worked. While we prayed, Stephan Christiansen jumps down from stage and not knowing the situation he shouts “effata” which means open up. And the ear of this young boy miraculously opens up!

Thank you so much for standing together with us to see the gospel go out to the youth!

Oddleiv Sandtorv
Mission base leader,
Oslo, Norway

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