Finding opportunities for the Gospel

Jesus Revolution has a burning vision: Jesus to the youth of the world! This vision has filled our hearts since 1997. The gospel of Jesus Christ is still the power unto salvation, even if the world looks very different this year. We now therefore have to make the best of the situation and use the opportunities we have, while planning for the future. What will it be like to preach the gospel in a Europe that has experienced a pandemic, disease, death, loneliness, isolation, and unemployment? It is important to be prepared!

Online gospel preaching

What do young missionaries on fire for the Lord do, if they can’t meet people in the streets? They meet people online on chat platforms. Last week our missionaries led 3 young people to the Lord through an online platform called miniChat. Thanks to our contacts in Europe they also got hold of the closest churches nearby to be able to follow them up.

Jesus Revolution Band and Preachers

Did you catch all the episodes of Jesus Revolution Band & Preachers? Season 1 with 8 programs is available on Youtube. Our new digital endeavor is a combination of spontaneous music with talented musicians, five fiery preachers and lots of life! The programs last around 15 minutes and are produced for YouTube. On Wednesday, April 7th, Season 2 will be launched with eight new programs.

Continue praying for our base
Our blessed missions base has come up for sale, and we want to buy it! With over 1500 m2, centrally located 160m from our home church Jesus Church, it is the perfect place for an international European missions headquarter. Please stand with us in prayer for this, as it will take a big miracle to be able to acquire this building.

Partner with us
Thank you for your continued support of Jesus Revolution in prayers and finances. Without you we would never be able to accomplish the vision of reaching the youth of the world with the gospel.

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  • Valerio Magrini says:

    My son lives in Berlin, just had a personal experience with Holy Spirit. Needs to get together with Spirit filled to stir the fire. Do you have any contacts there. Bless you.

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