Finally missions! Testimonies and updates

After a very special year behind us, we have finally sent our teams out on their mission tour. They have been sent to Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Bulgaria, have already prayed with many youth for salvation, seen many being baptized in the Holy Spirit, and have been greatly encouraged wherever they have gone. Feel free to follow us on social media, to get direct updates along the way.


“During a meeting in a home, I prayed for a man that was really met by God. He told me about a dream he had where he saw a young man with a Bible in hand, sitting in the couch, exactly as I was doing, and prophesying just as I had done. It was very powerful to experience God going ahead of us and preparing the way in a time like this.”
Sam Caruso – Spain

“A friend of mine, that I would do drugs with before meeting Jesus, contacted me when I was travelling in the area I previously lived in. We met, and I shared both my story and the gospel with him. It ended up with him receiving Jesus, joining us to church, and now he wants to get baptized.”
Robby Melchior – Germany

New season of Jesus Revolution Band & Preachers
Last week, the first of a total of eight programs in the second season of Jesus Revolution band & preachers was released. The unique concept with a spontaneous mix of music and preaching, is both fun and encouraging! Did you miss season 1? You can find it on Jesus Revolutions You Tube channel.

Impact France in 2022
Since 2017, Jesus Revolution has been collaborating with the Pentecostal European Fellowship on the implementation of the annual summer mission “IMPACT.” The next will be in France in the summer of 2022 in collaboration with the French Pentecostal movement. More info coming soon!

Partner with us
Thank you for your continued support of Jesus Revolution in prayers and finances. Without you we would never be able to accomplish the vision of reaching the youth of the world with the gospel.

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