Breakthrough behind us – Exciting news ahead of us

The dust has hardly settled after the most exciting and impactful tour in recent history for Jesus Revolution. Looking back, we have to pinch our arms asking ourselves if the Every Nation Tour really happened. With your help and prayers, we were able to travel 35.000km with 60 people to visit 48 countries, have 55 youth Revival events, preach the gospel to almost 20.000 people, lead 2200 to Jesus and see over 1800 baptized in the Holy Spirit! As incredible and wonderful as this has been, we believe this is our Jericho, the first out of many victories to come, stepping into the fulfillment of the promises and vision in our hearts of bringing the gospel to the youth of the world!

3 new mission bases


An exciting opportunity to partner with a larger movement has come up in Italy, leading the Jesus Revolution base, directed by Antonio & Sarah Barberio, to relocate to Rome. This movement has opened up for all of its over 150 churches to work closely with Jesus Revolution Italy. The mission training school is already well under way, and youth are being sent out in teams, to minister across Italy in just a few weeks already.


After years of planning and preparing, a network of churches has adopted the vision of Jesus Revolution, starting a national work this autumn. A team led by Benjamin Calleau, has already started a mission training school this autumn, and is soon ready to send out teams of youth. They also experienced a building miracle, and now have their own building, including dormitories, teaching facilities and more, outside the town of Namur.


As we visited Kyiv during the Every Nation Tour with a small team of leaders, we realized that we cannot wait until the war is over. Together with Victory church, a movement of churches, we were able to start a national Jesus Revolution work there, this autumn. Elias and Veronika, two of our experienced missionaries were sent out to join the team of national Ukrainian leaders. They are already traveling extensively throughout Ukraine to train, equip and release youth to proclaim the gospel.

A 16 year old leads 50 youth to Jesus in Ukraine!

During one of the youth meetings held by Jesus Revolution Ukraine, a 16 year old attending, was so gripped by the vision, that he went straight to the president of the schools in his area. He asked for permission to hold an event of hope, as there had been a wave of suicides in his city. He got permission to do so, and gathered 400 youth from several schools. After the event, everyone was invited to his youth group, and of the 200 that showed up there, 50 gave their lives to Jesus!

Summer Mission and future Base in Czech Republic

After an incredible event in Prague, during the Every Nation tour, where we saw remarkable unity, excellent organization and great openness to the gospel, we spoke with influential pastors and leaders in Czech Republic about the future of the youth in the nation. Together we decided to launch a national Jesus Revolution work there in 2024, kicking off with our main Summer Mission in Prague. We aim for 500 youth to join us this summer, after seeing over 50 already signed up, and great interest from many churches and youth from the USA to join. We were also asked to join the Norwegian Pentecostal Movement´s goal of 500 Norwegian youth sent out on short term missions, and got to present this at LED24, the main annual leadership conference in Norway. Teams are being prepared to be sent out in just a few weeks, to mobilize youth all across Norway and Central Europe, to join Summer Mission and also full time Mission Training School.

El Salvador

E21, the largest network of Spirit filled believers in the world, has asked us to join in taking a nation for Jesus. Spearheaded by “Shake the Nations”, with Nathan Morris, we will join several other ministries to focus on this nation this year. Jesus Revolution will put together a team of musicians, dancers, evangelists and missionaries, that will go there for almost 2 weeks, of Youth Revival meetings across the nation in 6 different cities. We will be there during Easter, in a few weeks.

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