Practical Information

All things Summer Team

Training Week

30th June-5th July: A great week of preparation for outreach

Location: Hotel Samokov

A ski resort outside Sofia which turns into a great summer activity hotel, we will live here the first five days. The hotels has good facilities which include an indoor pool! Here we will spend time training, worshipping God, receiving teaching, meeting our teams, and preparing for the week of outreach.

Traveling to the location

The training week and last days of Summer Team will be in Sofia, Bulgaria. You can book flights to Sofia arriving the 30th of June and departing 15th of July. Jesus Revolution will organize busses from Sofia Airport to the hotel on arrival and from the hotel to Sofia Airport on departure. For people living in Bulgaria you can travel directly to the hotel location.

Arrival Time

The program of the Summer Team starts in the evening Saturday 30th of June. Therefore you should arrive in Sofia during Saturday June 30th. You may leave from Sofia from the morning Sunday July 15th.

Plane tickets

Check out for cheap plane tickets. Sofia has one airport (SOF).


Everyone attending the Jesus Revolution Summer Team is responsible for having a valid passport. An national identity card will not be sufficient as we will be crossing borders in busses during the trip. It is also generally recommended to have a travel insurance.

Outreach Week

5th-13th July: Bringing the presence of God to the nations

Traveling to the nations

On the 5th of July, we will leave together from Sofia by bus, and travel to the nations.

Which nation will you go to?

The Balkans is an exciting region! We are blessed to serve local churches in many nations. In light of this we will use the following guidelines:
– People that live in the Balkans will minister in their own nation.
– People coming from other countries will be assigned to nations.
– If you have a special connection to a nation you will be able to mention it in the application.
– Special groups will be assigned to nations where street ministry must be done in a specially designed way.

What does an outreach look like?

A typical outreach combines “streets meetings” where a group of 25 people perform dances, share testimonies,  and preach the gospel, both in a microphone and  in 1-1 conversations. People who receive Jesus are connected to local church members.

Impacting the nations

During the outreach week, we will spread in smaller groups of 60-100 in different nations. These include Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.

In all of these nations, through our collaboration with PEF (Pentecostal European Fellowship)  we will work in partnership with local churches and national church movements that will host the groups.

Final Days

13th-15th July: Celebration and Debriefing

Location: Hotel Samokov

For the final days we will gather again in Sofia and have some great days of celebration, sharing testimonies and victory reports, debriefing and saying goodbye!

Traveling to the location

For the final days we will travel in busses back from the nations to the hotel outside Sofia. Jesus Revolution will also provide busses on departure day (15th of July) from the hotel to the airport.


Departure day will be on the 15th of July.