In the Beginning…. JR Vlog #1

What’s up friends? We want to give you a closer look into Jesus Revolution, what we dream of, who we are and how you can be a part of the movement. In short, we want to bring you alongside and include you in the journey.

by Paul Hockley • 19/03/2018

New Missions Bases in Europe!

This autumn, Jesus Revolution has the incredible joy of seeing 2 new missions bases being started in Europe. The bases are located in Madrid, Spain and Füssen, Germany. They are started in collaboration with national church movements, in the case of Germany with the BFP, and with the Nueva Vida churches in Spain. In addition, […]

by Paul Hockley • 01/11/2016
Summer Team Videos

Madrid 2016 Video Recap

Here is a great Madrid 2016 video made by the one and only Mat Leon. Watch and be blessed!

by Paul Hockley • 24/10/2016

Jesus Revolution Stories Tour 2017 Video

Promotion video for our upcoming Jesus Revolution Stories Concert tour. Find out more information about the tour here.

by Paul Hockley • 24/09/2016
News Summer Team

A Summer of Healings – Summer Team 2016 Madrid

When Harold the electric guitar player badly twisted his ankle at the pool during Summer Team, little did he know what it would lead to. He went limping throughout the day as several people prayed for him to be healed, without result.

by Paul Hockley • 12/09/2016

Jesus Revolution Happy Sunday Music Video

It’s out! The amazing Jesus Revolution Happy Sunday music video will rock your socks off! Watch and enjoy! Creds to Trygve Vassbotn for the music, Oddleiv Sandtorv for melody and text, Aron Uno Larsson for video editing, and Kristoffer Grindheim for the filming.

by Paul Hockley • 16/01/2016
How To

Resources To Answer Difficult Questions About God

Have you ever wanted to share your faith with your friends, but thought they might have many difficult questions about God? The good news is that you are not the only one in this situation. Many Christians have struggled with questions from their friends. But many have also devoted their time and minds to answering […]

by Paul Hockley • 03/01/2016

Breaking News: Concert Team Relaunch!

One of the most successful outreach methods in the history of Jesus Revolution has been our concert teams. The dance and song format has gathered thousands across Europe and provided an arena for salvation and healing to flow forth. However during the last years, as the Jesus Revolution groups concept was developed, with the heart […]

by Paul Hockley • 10/06/2015
News Summer Team Videos

Leave Your But Behind – Summer Team 2014 in Catanzaro

Have you ever shared Jesus with someone? Have you ever seen a sick person getting healed? Have you ever dreamed of breaking out of your limits and going full out for Jesus? We all have buts, reasons why we don’t think God could use us. BUT I’m not that kind of person, BUT I’m not […]

by Paul Hockley • 04/10/2013
Summer Team

Healing and Salvation in Czech Republic

Crazy…” Zdeněk opens his eyes, shuts them, opens them and repeats: “Crazy…” We are sitting in a parc of Trebon, Czech Republic. Philipp, a German young man and Petra, his translator, have just prayed for Zdeněk, who is visibly touched by God’s presence. This is Czech Republic, labeled by some as the least religious country […]

by Paul Hockley • 06/09/2013