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Love your city! Start a Jesus Revolution group, and spread the love of Christ in all ways, so that people can meet with Him.

Jesus Revolution Italy

Coming soon: Mission Training School in Italy !

Last week, the first snow of the year came to Oslo. It was only a dusting and lasted but a few days; however, it couldn’t have been more perfectly synchronized with the arrival of Jesus Revolution, Italy! A team of seven from this Mediterranean climate filed out  the van at the Oslo base, boots and coats intact. The welcome was warm, and the foundational bond of Jesus and Jesus Revolution was evident.

Jesus Revolution Italy currently has an office that will act as a resource for JR groups in the country, and their long-term plan is to start a training school beginning Fall 2013! What an exciting vision in the ever-expanding work of Jesus Revolution. The Italians have previously been trained in leadership, operations, and other need-to-knows concerning a base; however, they had not seen theory in reality. This was their reason for coming to Oslo.

The visual aid of a working base provided much insight concerning the “how to’s” of doing this themselves, and it also provided many new practical concerns… bringing a dream down to earth in places it needed to be. They accompanied us to outreaches in the city center, to school, to training, to team gatherings, to breakfast, and everything in between.

One of the Oslo JR leaders remarked that this was the best visit to date regarding bonding, vision, and logistics. I believe this was also felt by our Italian friends who appeared to have an extra lift of inspiration having been able to visualize the potential that this Oslo model has for Italy. They left with a sense of camaraderie and togetherness, knowing that each of us shares in this great vision for Jesus Revolution… wether Norwegian, Italian, etc.

G.O.D - Global Outreach Day

Maybe you also asked yourself already once how it would be if every christian in the whole world would actually at the same time start to witness about Jesus to their surroundings. Within a short time it would be possible for every person on earth to hear the life-changing message about Jesus that has the power to salvation within it.

What a tremendous result this would have, as Christians would continue to share their faith everywhere. This year is an opportunity given to see this vision coming closer.
On the 2nd of June there will be a Global Outreach Day. The short form of this day is G.O.D. – this fits perfect since this day has GOD as the initiator. His heart is to preach the gospel to every creature. No wonder that great men and women of God all around the world are excited about this, praying for it and encourage all believers to join in. But this day is not about the heroes of faith, the big churches and missions organizations. They will not do all the job that day. NO, millions of believers all around the world in over 200 nations, ordinary Christians like you and me will share the extraordinary gospel. By that there will be thrown out a net to harvest in the multitudes. Take part in this and do not miss this great opportunity!!!

No limits to your involvement
Think about all kinds of possibilities how you (maybe together with your Jesus Revolution Group or your church/youth-group) can bring the good news to your city, village, neightbourhood, to a remote place, to hospitals, prisons, market-places, to friends, family or the needy. There is no limitation to what you can do or how you can take part.

Join in for the harvest
We from Jesus Revolution are very excited about this day. We plan for some different outreaches in Oslo. But even more important is what you will do. Make plans and then act. If you are from our area you can join us (see the program). We will have teaching about evangelism in the morning and different outreaches during the day here in Oslo. If you would like to join in for it, please register (free of charge) in beforehand at:
But it would be just as great if you will reach out where you are. Let us together with all the believers throw out the net over all the earth. God wants us to see great miracles of a huge harvest that day.

What can you do in your place?
If you are a Jesus Revolution Group, you have already some resources and the idea bank within in the Jesus Revolution community. You can make use of these and even come up with some extra ideas. (if you do so, publish them also in the idea bank, so that others can put them into practice as well)
If you do not have the access to these ideas yet, you could either get access by starting a Jesus Revolution Group yourself or otherwise here are some ideas/inputs that you could use:
– Pray already in beforehand alone and/or together with other believers for this day.

– Put up a pavillion where you offer gratis prayer for the sick. –    Help the needs of needy people in your city – show them, then tell them about the love of

–  If you have some program ready, apply for a street-meeting where you will show some
program, have testimonies and where you will preach the gospel.

–  Give flowers to the people that give out parking tickets and tell them about the one that paid
the price for them.

– Have some bus, train or underground evangelism where you stand-up gospel preaching
and/or hand out good evangelistic material.
It is a great plus to have some good gospel tracts on you as well as invitation cards for your church. You can also wear some clothes that have a good message written on it. But let the tracts and your clothes not be the message alone. Dare to share the gospel also direct with at least one person.

You are an important part in making the difference.
Because to see a great multitude of harvest workers reaching out will only be possible if a multitude of normal believers decide one by one to join in. It starts with you and me. Let us decide to take part and dare to take new steps. Even though the knees may shake, God will be powerful with us. He is the Lord of the harvest and his heart longs to bring in the lost.
Together in the harvest!



10:00 – 10:30

Morning session with worship

10:30 – 11:15

Workshop 1: How to give your testimony

11:15 – 12:00

Workshop 2: How to preach the gospel

12:00 – 12:30


12:30 – 13:15

Prayer & getting ready for outreach


Leaving for outreach

13:30 – 15:30


16:30 – 17:30


18:00 – 18:45

Prayer & getting ready

19:00 – 21:00


 If you would like to join in for the workshop and/or outreaches, please register in beforehand at:





Meeting Jesus (Alberto Caballero) in Madrid

A young man with a cap enters the room and comes towards me: “What’s your name?”
“Paul, and you?”
“Cool name!”

We are in Spain meeting with the very first Jesus Revolution group that has started here one and a half years after the launch in August 2010. A young woman called Adriana, after joining a Summer Team, went back to her church and decided to start giving Jesus to her city with her friends. Now, there are around 20 young people in this group, and they incarnate everything that we had originally envisioned for Jesus Revolution groups: a strong evangelistic passion, creativity, discipleship, pioneer spirit and lots of joy!

Jesus and his friends love using their gifts on the streets. Together they have developed several dances and a drama that they use in their evangelistic efforts. Pray for them as they train, prepare, and find ways to reach out to the city of Madrid.

Cosa faresti TU per raggiungere la tua città?

Negli ultimi tre mesi, 8 chiese in tutto il mondo hanno dato vita a un gruppo Jesus Revolution. Attraverso questi gruppi formati da comunissimi giovani che hanno un cuore per i perduti delle loro città, 600 persone hanno ascoltato il Vangelo… La rivoluzione d’Amore è cominciata…

Tutto ciò che riguarda i gruppi Jesus Revolution è proprio il raggiungere le città, paesi e villaggi, con il Vangelo di Cristo. Quindi, ecco una piccola domanda… Se tu dovessi parlare del Vangelo alla tua città, e cercare di sviluppare una strategia per raggiungere la città intera, in che modo lo faresti? Eventi per le strade, evangelizzare facendo amicizie, mostrare praticamente l’amore di Dio? Dacci le tue idee migliori, e noi aggiorneremo l’articolo qui con i migliori commenti:

Video di presentazione dei gruppi Jesus Revolution

Questo è un breve video di presentazione dei gruppi Jesus Revolution, buon divertimento!

Video realizzato dal gruppo Jesus Revolution in Oslo

Il gruppo di Jesus Revolution, formato dai giovani della Jesus Church di Oslo, ha realizzato un entusiasmante video su uno delle loro uscite per le strade di Oslo, regalando dei dolci e parlando di Gesù con la gente. Buon divertimento!

Ready for a challenge?

Is missions important today? Would you like to set aside one year of your life for full-time involvement in missions? Do you have a desire to reach out to the youth at your home place with the Gospel?

These are some of the questions participants at the Impuls conference in Stavanger, Norway were asked last weekend. Jesus Revolution was present with a promo stand at this festival gathering about 1500 young people, most of them between 13 and 19 years of age.

Some of the teenagers we met already had clear plans for the future. Others had not yet thought much about what they want to do with their lives. Still, a common wish for many of them is to be open for God to use them. Many of them answered that they would like to use a year for full time missions. And even more of them agreed on that the Gospel needs to be made available for youth at their home place. Many young Christians want to live lives making a difference!

In last week’s article you could read about the importance of coming into God’s running path for your life. In Jesus Revolution we want to create opportunities for young people to enter into the plans God has for them. By joining Jesus Revolution as a full-time missionary, joining Summer Team, starting a Jesus Revolution group or supporting the work financially and in prayer you can become part of the vision of reaching out with the Gospel to the youth of the world!

The challenges given to the participants at the Impuls conference are hereby also given to you:

  • Would you be willing to set aside one year for full-time missions?
  • Or maybe two weeks of your summer?
  • Or start a Jesus Revolution group where you live?

Are you ready for a challenge?