Jesus Revolution groups


Jesus Revolution Groups Video Teaser – Love Your City

by Paul Hockley • 15/03/2013

Love your city! Start a Jesus Revolution group, and spread the love of Christ in all ways, so that people can meet with Him.


Jesus Revolution Groups Teaser 1 – Preach the Gospel

by Paul Hockley • 27/02/2013

Jesus Revolution Italy

Coming soon: Mission Training School in Italy !

by Timothy Meadors • 07/11/2012

Last week, the first snow of the year came to Oslo. It was only a dusting and lasted but a few days; however, it couldn’t have been more perfectly synchronized with the arrival of Jesus Revolution, Italy! A team of seven from this Mediterranean climate filed out  the van at the Oslo base, boots and […]

God's love multiplied

G.O.D – Global Outreach Day

by Cornelia • 31/05/2012

Maybe you also asked yourself already once how it would be if every christian in the whole world would actually at the same time start to witness about Jesus to their surroundings. Within a short time it would be possible for every person on earth to hear the life-changing message about Jesus that has the […]


Meeting Jesus (Alberto Caballero) in Madrid

by Paul Hockley • 27/01/2012

A young man with a cap enters the room and comes towards me: “What’s your name?” “Paul, and you?” “Jesus” “Cool name!” We are in Spain meeting with the very first Jesus Revolution group that has started here one and a half years after the launch in August 2010. A young woman called Adriana, after […]


Video: Meet the new missionaries

by Cornelia • 06/10/2011


Ready for a challenge?

by Anette • 11/02/2011

Is missions important today? Would you like to set aside one year of your life for full-time involvement in missions? Do you have a desire to reach out to the youth at your home place with the Gospel? These are some of the questions participants at the Impuls conference in Stavanger, Norway were asked last […]