A Summer of Healings - Summer Team 2016 Madrid

When Harold the electric guitar player badly twisted his ankle at the pool during Summer Team, little did he know what it would lead to. He went limping throughout the day as several people prayed for him to be healed, without result. During the evening meeting, he was scheduled to play guitar in the worship, and he winced with pain every time he put pressure on his foot. However, after the meeting, he was prayed for again, and burst into tears as he first tried to put pressure on his foot. All pain and swollenness had disappeared. The other youth in the camp, being strengthened in faith by the experience, started to pray for each other, and four more people were instantly healed.

As outreach time came, and the young people went on the streets, their confidence was already there. In seven days of outreach, 264 people experienced instant healing, including two people with hearing aids, a young girl and an older man, who were completely healed. In one week of outreach, 13324 people heard the gospel, 1602 took a decision to follow Jesus and 264 were instantly healed. The testimonies are many, and here are a few of them:

“I prayed for a sick boy who had breathing problems and spoke only in whispers. After I prayed he started crying so I asked if he’s okay and he said “yeah in a whisper” . then I prayed again; he cried and then he spoke out loud and hugged me.”
Sarah (19) Spain

“I prayed for a boy who had pain in his knee. He was totally healed. He tried a bicycle, and all the pain was gone. He accepted Jesus in to his life.”
Sebastian (15) Switzerland

“A grandma had one leg that was shorter than the other and one of them was paralyzed. She was walking with crutches. We prayed for her and her legs became the same length. Her daughter was so touched and explained that she had not seen her mother walk like that since she was a little girl.”
David (23) Germany

“I talked to woman and a girl. The woman had breast pain and pain in her foot. I prayed, and she got healed. She really was touch by God. The girl was so happy, because she had so many worries for her mum. The girl felt like there was a light who came over her body. She accepted Jesus.”
Paul (16) Germany/Libanon

“I prayed for a woman who could not walk without crutches. We prayed for her and she was healed. She testified during the street-meeting. On her walk to the stage she walked boldly with her crutches over her head.”
Naomi (20) Belgium

Yesterday I shared my testimony in the microphone, for the first time in my life, in front of more than 100 people! It was so powerful!
Miriam (14)

I spoke with a man, and he spoke French, and I sheard about Jesus, and he received Jesus! This was my first time praying salvation prayer with someone!
Theo (18) Belgium

Breaking News: Concert Team Relaunch!

One of the most successful outreach methods in the history of Jesus Revolution has been our concert teams. The dance and song format has gathered thousands across Europe and provided an arena for salvation and healing to flow forth. However during the last years, as the Jesus Revolution groups concept was developed, with the heart of equipping youth in the local church to reach out, the concert teams were abandoned for a season.

In the recent months, God has laid on our hearts to pick up this tool again, and Oddleiv and Deborah Sandtorv have been working on a new concept named “Stories.” New music is under production, dancers and singers are being recruited, and great expectations are arising as we look forward to have a concert team traveling Europe again. This is a faith project in many ways, and your prayer and support in this are much appreciated!

Our first step of faith in this project is buying a van that will transport all of the sound equipment. If you want to donate towards this, you can do so here

Leave Your But Behind - Summer Team 2014 in Catanzaro

  • Have you ever shared Jesus with someone?
  • Have you ever seen a sick person getting healed?
  • Have you ever dreamed of breaking out of your limits and going full out for Jesus?

We all have buts, reasons why we don’t think God could use us. BUT I’m not that kind of person, BUT I’m not bold enough, BUT I don’t have the money, BUT I don’t know how to do it, BUT what will my friends say, etc. etc. etc.

BUT, God is just waiting for us to move. Summer Team is an opportunity to leave all your buts behind, and go on an adventure with God to reach the youth of Italy with the gospel. It is two weeks in the Summer packed with 5 days of training and 9 days of outreach. You will have incredibly much fun, be challenged to step out for God, and do things you have never done before. And who knows: you might also see things you have never seen before! Come over to Italy this year and give some of your Summer to see people rejoicing with you in heaven in all eternity.

Check out all the info on www.summer-teams.com

The Jesus Revolution Vision Video

This is the heartbeat and vision of Jesus Revolution.

Jesus Revolution in India

2012: A Historic Year for Jesus Revolution

1st Missionary and Jesus Revolution Groups in Africa

Jesus Revolution in Africa

In the beginning of the year, we had the joy of sending out Katrin Wöstmann to Kenya. For her, it was a long time dream to travel to the continent, and be a part of God’s work there. For us, it was the opportunity to see if the Jesus Revolution groups concept would work on a continent to which we have not been before. In 4 months, two groups were trained and sent out to the harvest, seeing more than 500 people seek salvation.

1st Team and Youth Conference in India

India, the country with the most youth in the world, needs a Jesus Revolution! We were thrilled to join Rune Edvardsen and his Troens Bevis team in two of their campaigns, and to organize our own youth conference with 250 youth. They were trained in dance, drama and singing, leaving them empowered to give the gospel to their city. At night, we held our own concerts where over 600 youth saw our Crew in action. During the youth conference, 90 people sought salvation.

1st Jesus Revolution Office Outside Norway

Jesus Revolution Italy
The Italian office visiting Norway

Our heart is to pass on the work of Jesus Revolution to national leaders that have a heart to reach the youth of their nation. In our early years, we started up offices abroad but without national ownership. In Italy, Marco Van Gent, a young leader part of a national denomination, has taken the initiative to start an office. Already, from this office, a Jesus Revolution group in Italy has been started. This is an important milestone for the future work of spreading the gospel to as many countries and cities as possible.

We look back at last year with thankfulness and look forward to another year of adventures! Continue to pray for the work of reaching the youth of the world with the Gospel!

Jesus Revolution Italy

Coming soon: Mission Training School in Italy !

Last week, the first snow of the year came to Oslo. It was only a dusting and lasted but a few days; however, it couldn’t have been more perfectly synchronized with the arrival of Jesus Revolution, Italy! A team of seven from this Mediterranean climate filed out  the van at the Oslo base, boots and coats intact. The welcome was warm, and the foundational bond of Jesus and Jesus Revolution was evident.

Jesus Revolution Italy currently has an office that will act as a resource for JR groups in the country, and their long-term plan is to start a training school beginning Fall 2013! What an exciting vision in the ever-expanding work of Jesus Revolution. The Italians have previously been trained in leadership, operations, and other need-to-knows concerning a base; however, they had not seen theory in reality. This was their reason for coming to Oslo.

The visual aid of a working base provided much insight concerning the “how to’s” of doing this themselves, and it also provided many new practical concerns… bringing a dream down to earth in places it needed to be. They accompanied us to outreaches in the city center, to school, to training, to team gatherings, to breakfast, and everything in between.

One of the Oslo JR leaders remarked that this was the best visit to date regarding bonding, vision, and logistics. I believe this was also felt by our Italian friends who appeared to have an extra lift of inspiration having been able to visualize the potential that this Oslo model has for Italy. They left with a sense of camaraderie and togetherness, knowing that each of us shares in this great vision for Jesus Revolution… wether Norwegian, Italian, etc.

New Section: Group Videos

We have just added a new section on the homepage, for you to see the latest videos shared by the Jesus Revolution groups around the world. As groups share videos on our community, we will handpick and feature some of the best ones for you to see. We will be updating these weekly, so that you can see how the gospel is going forth around the world!

Pray for these groups as you watch the videos!

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We are proud to present the smashing new redesign of our Jesus Revolution website. Here is some of what we wanted to achieve with the new version:

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Jesus Revolution in Africa

Photos from the JR groups in Kenya!

In 2012, for the first time in history, Jesus Revolution sent its first missionary to Africa. Responding to an old dream of hers, the ultimate pioneer Katrin Wöstmann, a 23-year-old from Germany, travelled down and met up with the “Voice of Salvation and Healing Church” in Kisumu. The result is two Jesus Revolution groups that are now reaching out to Kisumu and the surrounding area. Pray for these groups as they boldly preach the gospel in a country where the amount of attacks against Christians is rising. Here are some photos of the groups:

Jesus Revolution groups in Kenya
Missions Car
Jesus Revolution groups in Kenya (2)
Some of the group members
Jesus Revolution groups in Kenya (3)
One of the groups
Jesus Revolution groups in Kenya (4)
One of the groups
Jesus Revolution groups in Kenya (5)
Dance Training
Jesus Revolution groups in Kenya (6)
A campaign with the group
Jesus Revolution groups in Kenya (7)
Another campaign with the group

Jesus Revolution groups in Kenya (8) Jesus Revolution groups in Kenya (9)