Introducing the Summer Team Leader Academy

This year in connection with our annual Summer Team, we are launching something new: the Summer Team Leader Academy. You now have the amazing opportunity to combine missions, telling people about Jesus, growing as a leader,  and having a fun blast with all the others joining the trip.

Who can join?
Anyone of the following can apply:

  • Jesus Revolution group leaders
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th time Summer Team Participants
  • Youth leaders

What topics will be covered?

  • Leading Yourself
  • The Leader’s Life with God
  • The 5 Levels of Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Leading in Evangelism
  • And much more…

In practice During Summer Team, the morning teaching sessions will be divided in two groups, one of which will be the Leader Academy.  Different leadership opportunities will also be given as we evaluate each application for the Academy.

We look forward to see you there!

Any questions? Post a little comment

Jesus Revolution Italy

Coming soon: Mission Training School in Italy !

Last week, the first snow of the year came to Oslo. It was only a dusting and lasted but a few days; however, it couldn’t have been more perfectly synchronized with the arrival of Jesus Revolution, Italy! A team of seven from this Mediterranean climate filed out  the van at the Oslo base, boots and coats intact. The welcome was warm, and the foundational bond of Jesus and Jesus Revolution was evident.

Jesus Revolution Italy currently has an office that will act as a resource for JR groups in the country, and their long-term plan is to start a training school beginning Fall 2013! What an exciting vision in the ever-expanding work of Jesus Revolution. The Italians have previously been trained in leadership, operations, and other need-to-knows concerning a base; however, they had not seen theory in reality. This was their reason for coming to Oslo.

The visual aid of a working base provided much insight concerning the “how to’s” of doing this themselves, and it also provided many new practical concerns… bringing a dream down to earth in places it needed to be. They accompanied us to outreaches in the city center, to school, to training, to team gatherings, to breakfast, and everything in between.

One of the Oslo JR leaders remarked that this was the best visit to date regarding bonding, vision, and logistics. I believe this was also felt by our Italian friends who appeared to have an extra lift of inspiration having been able to visualize the potential that this Oslo model has for Italy. They left with a sense of camaraderie and togetherness, knowing that each of us shares in this great vision for Jesus Revolution… wether Norwegian, Italian, etc.

New Section: Group Videos

We have just added a new section on the homepage, for you to see the latest videos shared by the Jesus Revolution groups around the world. As groups share videos on our community, we will handpick and feature some of the best ones for you to see. We will be updating these weekly, so that you can see how the gospel is going forth around the world!

Pray for these groups as you watch the videos!

We hope you'll love our new website!

We are proud to present the smashing new redesign of our Jesus Revolution website. Here is some of what we wanted to achieve with the new version:

  • Easier to read, more accessible content.
  • More focus on the Jesus Revolution groups news.
  • Instagram photos!
  • Easier access to different languages.
  • A fresh new look.
  • And more.

In addition, the content now is “responsive,” which means you can use your tablet or phone to read blog post and the content will adapt itself to the screen.

We hope you’ll love the new and look forward to continue sharing about what is happening through the different Jesus Revolution groups around the world.

P.S: We are still finalizing the last details and you can help us by reporting bugs or anything else…

Jesus to India 2012

What is the biggest mission field in the world today? The simple answer is India. According to Operation Mobilization, there are currently 1,2 Billion people living in India, of which 850 million are under 35 – 70%, and 26 million are evangelicals – 2,2%. In the vision to reach the youth of the world, our eyes have turned towards India and our hearts moved by the incredible need. Jesus Revolution received in September this year the visit of Ernest Komanapalli, a leader for more than 1200 churches in India. Mr Komanapalli has opened the door for Jesus Revolution to come and train young Indians to share the gospel in an effective way.

Ernest and Rachel Komanapalli
Indian Youth

There are today 350 million middle class Indians that have little meaningful contact with Christianity. These young Indians look up to western culture, listen to the same music and wear the same clothes. In other words, the gospel must be communicated to them in a contemporary way. This will be the mission of Jesus Revolution in India. To train locals and to equip them with resources through our Jesus Revolution groups concept, with which they can bring the gospel of Christ to their generation.

In collaboration with Mr Komanapali, Jesus Revolution is organising a youth conference in February 2012. Between 2000 and 3000 youth are expected. We know that this will have a direct consequence on the lives of thousands of unsaved Indians. Our goal is to send a team of 10 of our best leaders that can preach, train and equip the locals to reach out with the gospel in different creative ways.

This project is an extra step of faith that is not a part of our yearly budget. Would you prayerfully consider supporting us on this trip? We are in need of around 13 000 € (100 000 Kr) before February for the total costs of the project.

Any donation is greatly appreciated and will be a direct part of spreading the gospel in India. We will keep you updated as the conference goes on and let you hear the testimonies in the time after our visit.

Make a donation here with Paypal, you can use your normal credit card. Paypal is an 100% secure payment gateway used by millions of people around the world:

In Euros

In Noks

Thank you for your generosity and for partnering with us in reaching the youth of the world!

Further information from Operation Mobilization 2011:

Young people – the statistics present a staggering need for this population of 400 million
under 15 years old. Only 15% reach high school, and functional literacy is around 30%.
Around 40% live below the poverty line. Many live in a moral and spiritual vacuum. Most
churches lack the resources and know-how to minister to them. YFC, OM, Blessing Youth
Ministry, CEF, SU, CCCI and others reach out to some.

“The “New India” is a youthful, ambitious, cosmopolitan and modern entity, where
differences of religion, caste and gender mean less and less. It is increasingly urban and techsavvy. The India of call centres, cricket, Bollywood, bhangra and globally connected Indian culture is exposed to and open to new ideas and ways of living, including Christianity. The most significant influence in this context is materialism – as capable of entrapping Hindus as any other group. This younger generation – 70% of India is under age 35, and 31% under age 15 – will shape India’s future. As such, they are a hugely strategic group to reach for Jesus; completely new and different missiological strategies must be undertaken to communicate and model the gospel to them. Indian churches and missions are now focusing on this issue; initial success thus far is very modest.”

Finalmente sono nati i gruppi Jesus Revolution!

Dopo 3 anni di duro lavoro e preparazione, abbiamo finalmente diffuso al mondo il concetto dei gruppi Jesus Revolution! Quello che era iniziato come un sogno: rendere Gesù famoso ai giovani del mondo; si è trasformata in una visione: “il Vangelo ai giovani del mondo attraverso i gruppi Jesus Revolution nelle chiese locali, predicando Cristo e formando discepoli”.

Il Jesus Festival a Oslo ha segnato il rilancio ufficiale dei gruppi, e siamo stati in grado di presentare i primi due gruppi che si stanno avviando: la Jesus Church in Oslo, e un gruppo di giovani in Svizzera. Questo è avvenuto un mese fa, e da allora, altri 7 gruppi in più hanno deciso che è tempo di raggiungere la propria città con il Vangelo! Francia, Svizzera, Ungheria, Polonia, Stati Uniti, Spagna e Norvegia sono ora rappresentate, solo poche settimane dopo il lancio.

I gruppi sono in grado di scaricare le risorse dal nostro sito, come ad esempio manuali didattici, video di istruzioni in settori creativi, e di connettersi con gli altri gruppi attraverso il nostro community website. Che privilegio avere un sito web pieno di giovani il cui desiderio è di servire il Signore e raggiungere le loro città! Il concetto è pronto in inglese, e stiamo lavorando duramente per finirlo nella lingua norvegese entro la fine di settembre e le altre lingue (francese, italiano, spagnolo, tedesco) entro la fine di ottobre.

Così ora la sfida si rivolge a voi. Avete il desiderio di raggiungere le vostre città per Gesù? Potete dar vita a un gruppo Jesus Revolution, e far parte di un network di giovani che hanno deciso che è tempo di vedere un cambiamento. E’ possibile anche se siete solo due giovani della vostra chiesa, desiderosi di parlare con la gente per le strade, e pregare per i malati, o se siete un intero gruppo di giovani, pronti a ballare, cantare, fare beat box, break-dance, suonare l’armonica, dare focacce, ecc. Usa il tuo talento per le strade per il Re, e per la gente che non lo conoscono.

Ecco la testimonianza di Marco, un ragazzo italiano; prima testimonianza di una serie per incoraggiare i gruppi:

Tutto per il Re!

We need your prayers!

Happy new year! In the beginning of this year, we wish to share with you one of our greatest needs in Jesus Revolution: prayer. Since the launch of the work, one of the foundational words that God has spoken to us is: “this work shall be built on prayer.” We know that the Jesus Revolution groups can only advance and be fruitful by God’s grace and power at work. We may try to build a strong missions work, but unless it is covered in prayer, we build in vain. Therefore we wish to launch a new initiative and invitation for you to partner with us in prayer. The concept is quite simple:

1. You sign up as a prayer partner on this page, and commit to pray for the work at least once a month.
2. We send you thanksgiving subjects and prayer subjects by email at the beginning of every month, enabling you to know along which lines to pray in the month to come.
3. If you receive any specific words of encouragement or direction, you can contact us by email or through this website.
4. Together we see a revolution for Jesus in the nations.

“Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure.” D. L. Moody

Become a prayer partner

The Jesus Revolution groups are launched!

After 3 years of hard work and preparations, we have finally released the Jesus Revolution groups concept to the world! What started as a dream: to give Jesus to the youth of the world; has turned into a vision: “The gospel to the youth of the world through Jesus Revolution groups in local churches, preaching Christ and making disciples.”

The Jesus Festival in Oslo marked the official launch of the groups, and we were able to present the very first two groups that are starting: Jesus Church in Oslo, and a youth group in Switzerland. That was one month ago, and since then, 7 more groups have decided that it is time to reach their own cities with the Gospel! France, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, USA, Spain and Norway are now represented, only a few weeks after the launch.

The groups are able to download resources from our website, such as teaching manuals, instruction videos in creative areas, and to connect with the other groups through our community website. What a privilege to have a website full of young people whose desire is to serve the Lord and to reach out to their cities! The concept is ready in English, and we are working hard on finishing the Norwegian by the end of September and the other languages (French, Italian, Spanish, German) by the end of October.

So now the challenge turns to you. Do you have the desire to reach you city for Jesus? Then you can start a Jesus Revolution group, and join a network of young people that have decided it is time to see a change. It is possible whether you are just 2 young people in your church, that want to speak with people in the streets, and pray for the sick, or if you are a whole gang of youth, ready to dance, sing, beat box, break-dance, play the harmonica, give out buns, etc. Use your talents in the streets for the King, and for the people that don’t know Him.

Here is the testimony of Marco from Italy, the first in a series of encouragement testimonies for the groups:

All for the King!

Jesus Revolution

Welcome to the new

Welcome to our new website. If you have been here before, you may notice we have made quite some changes! We hope that these will enable you to follow more closely what is happening through Jesus Revolution. This launch is a “beta” version, and you will see new features added here throughout this year.

The first will be a community feature launching in August this year, in connection with the launching of the Jesus Revolution groups. This part of the web will enable groups to connect, share testimonies and ideas, while meeting people with the same heart for Jesus and evangelism.

We hope that you like the website and that you will enjoy following what Jesus is doing in our time through young people that are passionate for him. We would be greatly encouraged by your comments on any of our articles.

Tomorrow we should be launching the Norwegian part of the site. (updated 28/04/2010 – the Norwergian part is online at )

All for Jesus and for the youth of the world!

Jesus Revolution
The Jesus Revolution Headquarter in Oslo