Leave Your But Behind - Summer Team 2014 in Catanzaro

  • Have you ever shared Jesus with someone?
  • Have you ever seen a sick person getting healed?
  • Have you ever dreamed of breaking out of your limits and going full out for Jesus?

We all have buts, reasons why we don’t think God could use us. BUT I’m not that kind of person, BUT I’m not bold enough, BUT I don’t have the money, BUT I don’t know how to do it, BUT what will my friends say, etc. etc. etc.

BUT, God is just waiting for us to move. Summer Team is an opportunity to leave all your buts behind, and go on an adventure with God to reach the youth of Italy with the gospel. It is two weeks in the Summer packed with 5 days of training and 9 days of outreach. You will have incredibly much fun, be challenged to step out for God, and do things you have never done before. And who knows: you might also see things you have never seen before! Come over to Italy this year and give some of your Summer to see people rejoicing with you in heaven in all eternity.

Check out all the info on www.summer-teams.com

Healing and Salvation in Czech Republic

Crazy…” Zdeněk opens his eyes, shuts them, opens them and repeats: “Crazy…”

We are sitting in a parc of Trebon, Czech Republic. Philipp, a German young man and Petra, his translator, have just prayed for Zdeněk, who is visibly touched by God’s presence.

This is Czech Republic, labeled by some as the least religious country in the world. But after some days of Summer Team, what we believe is quickly confirmed. Young people are as open to Jesus here as in the rest of Europe. Religion, no, but Jesus, yes!

The 70 young people from 12 nations with us all experienced it. When we move, God is ready to move with us.

A few minutes later, Zdeněk and his friend Monika are ready to receive Jesus. While praying, Zdeněk gets a vision. He first sees all red and then all white. Philipp explains that it represents Jesus blood and how it washes us white. He gives them new testaments, and teaches them some basics for their new lives with Jesus.

Two days later, Zdeněk and Monika are in the park again. This time, a girl from the team receives several prophetic words for both of them. Zdeněk is blown away and comments to another person in our group: That girl knows everything about my life!

Summer Team 2013
Summer Team 2013

The goal of the pastors we are working with in Czech is to plant a new church in Trebon. They have rented the Cinema in the city, and we have the joy of participating in the first two services ever held there. This is the first time in decades that a pentecostal church is in the town. Zdeněk and Monika are also there, the symbol of a generation that can, and will be reached in Trebon and Czech Republic.

Summer Team 2013 Update

A short update from Czech Republic while preparing for Summer Team 2013.