Summer Team

Madrid 2016 Video Recap

by Paul Hockley • 24/10/2016

Here is a great Madrid 2016 video made by the one and only Mat Leon. Watch and be blessed!


A Summer of Healings – Summer Team 2016 Madrid

by Paul Hockley • 12/09/2016

When Harold the electric guitar player badly twisted his ankle at the pool during Summer Team, little did he know what it would lead to. He went limping throughout the day as several people prayed for him to be healed, without result.

Leave Your But Behind – Summer Team 2014 in Catanzaro

by Paul Hockley • 04/10/2013

Have you ever shared Jesus with someone? Have you ever seen a sick person getting healed? Have you ever dreamed of breaking out of your limits and going full out for Jesus? We all have buts, reasons why we don’t think God could use us. BUT I’m not that kind of person, BUT I’m not […]


Healing and Salvation in Czech Republic

by Paul Hockley • 06/09/2013

Crazy…” Zdeněk opens his eyes, shuts them, opens them and repeats: “Crazy…” We are sitting in a parc of Trebon, Czech Republic. Philipp, a German young man and Petra, his translator, have just prayed for Zdeněk, who is visibly touched by God’s presence. This is Czech Republic, labeled by some as the least religious country […]


Summer Team 2013 Update

by Paul Hockley • 15/04/2013

A short update from Czech Republic while preparing for Summer Team 2013.


Introducing the Summer Team Leader Academy

by Paul Hockley • 15/02/2013

This year in connection with our annual Summer Team, we are launching something new: the Summer Team Leader Academy. You now have the amazing opportunity to combine missions, telling people about Jesus, growing as a leader,  and having a fun blast with all the others joining the trip. Who can join? Anyone of the following […]

1700 heard the Gospel, 91 instantly healed and 339 sought salvation !

by Timothy Meadors • 01/10/2012

We stepped off the bus- almost midnight, still humid, and a salty-sweet mist surrounding us.  Finally in Bari.  The whole year had culminated up to this trip, Summer Team 2012! In the coming days, around 70 youth from over 12 nations joined Jesus Revolution to learn, worship, serve, and most of all, to share the Gospel.  The first […]


Testimonies from Summer Team

by Paul Hockley • 07/09/2012

These days God has really used me when it comes to prophecy. One day in my PT God said to me that I was going to talk to some old men. That night I talked to two old men and one of them wanted to receive Jesus! (…) Jesus can use young people for prophecy! […]


Outreach and Fun photos from Summer Team

by Paul Hockley • 02/08/2012

Some more photos from the fun times, and our first outreaches in Bari. Continue to pray for us as we bring the gospel to the streets. Many people are responding to the call of salvation, and many people are also getting instantly healed. God is good! Also pray for all the participants, for increased boldness […]


A Summer with Meaning

by Anette • 15/05/2012

If your answer is yes to one or more of these questions you should check out the web site for Jesus Revolution Summer Team! Young people from different nations of Europe and outside Europe will this summer gather together to give Jesus to Bari, Italy! 5 days of training followed by 9 days of outreach […]