Broken and Beautiful

Jesus Revolution Crew – Live Performance


Freshe neue electronic dance music style (Hip-hop, house, dubstep etc.) speziell produziert für unsere Konzerte.


Professional choreography. Mostly Hip-Hop, with elements from a wide range of styles, spanning from House to Modern and Ballet.


We use a full media production for the whole concept.


Nach jedem Konzert wird das Evangelium auf eine klare und kraftvolle Weise verkündet, mit einer Einladung errettet zu werden und mit Gebet für die Kranken.

Broken & Beautiful is the new concept from Jesus Revolution. It is a one and a half hour experience with live singing, dance performances and a full media production including true stories about how Jesus changes lives!

At the end of each concert, the gospel is clearly preached and the opportunity given for people to take a decision for Jesus. The mix is explosive! Throughout our history, Jesus Revolution has held more than 800 concerts in different European cities. This tool has been used to serve local churches in reaching out to the youth and inspire the believers to be bold with the message of the gospel. Thousands have accepted Christ and experienced bodily healing as a direct result. Invite the Jesus Revolution concert team if you want to see a revolution in your city!

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