Practical info and FAQ

Everything you need to know about Impact the Alps


Arrival day is on the 27th of July and departure day on the 12th of August.


We will be gathered in Stuttgart, Germany for a week of training followed by a week of outreach


14 – 29 (If you are older, contact us)


Impact the Alps will be run in English & German. There will also be translation available in Spanish, Italian and French.

How do I get there?

Check out for cheap plane tickets. Stuttgart primary airport is called (STR).  Jesus Revolution will organize busses from Stuttgart Airport to the campsite on arrival and from the campsite to Innsbruck Airport in Austria on departure. For people living in Germany you can travel directly to the campsite. 

When should I arrive?

The program of the Summer Team starts in the evening Saturday 27th of July. Therefore you should arrive in Stuttgart during the morning/afternoon on the day of arrival. 

Which documents do I need?

Everyone attending the Jesus Revolution Summer Team is responsible for having a valid passport or national identity card. It is also generally recommended to have a travel insurance. 

If you are under the age of 18, we will need to have written and signed confirmation from your parents that you are under our supervision.

How does the training look like?

During the training week we will have great teaching, workshops and preachings to equip you for the streets. We will teach you how to preach the gospel, how to personal story with Jesus, challenging you in your gifts, and breaking every kind of fear of man. It will a week you will never forget.

How does an outreach look like?

A typical outreach combines “streets meetings” where a group of people perform dances, share testimonies,  and preach the gospel, both in a microphone and  in 1-1 conversations. People who receive Jesus are connected to local church members.  


Which nation will you go to?

The Alps is an exciting region! We are blessed to serve local churches in many nations. In light of this we will use the following guidelines:

People that live in the Alps will minister in their own nation. People coming from other countries will be assigned to nations. If you have a special connection to a nation you will be able to mention it in the application.

Which countries includes the Alps region?

During the outreach week, we will spread in groups and go to the different nations. These include Austria, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland.

In all of these nations, through our collaboration with PEF (Pentecostal European Fellowship)  we will work in partnership with local churches and national church movements that will host the groups.

Where will we sleep?

During the training days we will stay in Stuttgart and on the outreach days lodging solutions will differ depending on the church and country we go to.

Are you ready to Impact the Alps?