Special guest matt helland from the netherlands is as real as it gets! He will teach and train us in the prophetic out of his experience on the streets of amsterdam. If you are looking to be challenged in words or knowledge or wisdom, visions and just being led by the holy spirit, sign up!


Get ready for mabel agbenorto from the united kingdom. She’s got soul, experience and a great anointing to lead people into the prescence of god! Interested at all in worship? This is for you.


We believe that signs and wonders are a basic part of our lives – pure expressions of god’s love. Let’s go deeper in seeing healing and miracles in our daily walk with jesus. We will have marvin benno from sweden with us teaching us and showing us how to apply this in our lives!


Learn a fresh new flashmob with professional hip-hop dancer and choreographer larissa hess. Present the joy of the gospel through dance as you perform on the streets of oslo!