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Mission Training School

Where pioneers are made.

Have you ever experienced how much God does in your life when you put time aside for him and him only?

Imagine doing that for an entire year. This is what the Mission Training School is about. It is about stepping away from the things that distract us and giving time for a very clear focus. It will be a year where you live as a missionary with the intent to bring the gospel to the youth of the world and equip fellow believers to do the same in the nations.

To invest one year for God as a young person is rewarding. It’s an opportunity to let God work in different areas of your life and give you an ever stronger foundation for the future. Whatever you will do after, this will equip you to bring the gospel to all the places God sends you.

Through it all, you won’t be alone; leaders will walk alongside you every step of the way. You’ll also step straight into a community where other young people are devoting their year for the same thing. You’ll live in the same house and share every part of the day. Expect to make friends for life!

There are many good things we can do in the world, but God has a specific calling and prepared works for you. Pray about your future and ask God. Maybe this is what God has for prepared for you this coming year. If so, we will see you in one of our bases!

Life-Changing Training

Essential: Get to know Jesus better and follow him closer. Practical: Real life, hands-on teaching, learn and do from day one. Stretching: Grow by being challenged to do things you have never done.

Full-time Missions

Don’t only think, learn or dream about it, do it. From day one, you are released as a full time missionary. You will not just sit at a school desk and wait until it’s your time… now is your time!

4 Months of Tour

Tour in Europe to inspire & equip youth to change their cities with the gospel. As a bonus, eat foods you’ve never tasted, see places you’ve never seen, have fun, and experience the joy of meeting new people & cultures.

The Jesus House

Live in a vibrant environment surrounded by youth with a common passion for God. The international mix of people will shape you and result in friendships for a lifetime.

Our bases

We currently have bases in Norway, Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium & Ukraine

In these bases your main training and focus will be on evangelism and missions. You will be trained for six months and then sent out into the nations to reach the lost and to equip young people in local churches.

If you want to be trained to reach the young generation, whether you are super shy, or already ready to go, we would love to train you, and send you into the harvest fields of Europe. Learn how to share your testimony, heal the sick, preach the gospel, and so much more as you develop your relationship and walk with Jesus.

Bible school collaborations

In our bases, we collaborate with Bible Schools to provide quality teaching and to lay a biblical foundation for all our missionaries.

In Norway, we collaborate with TBBMI (Evidence of Faith Bible and Missions Institute). All our missionaries are also students at the Bible School, and receive teaching there during the training period from August to February.

In Bulgaria, we collaborate with a theological institute.

In Belgium, we plan to collaborate with a local Bible seminary.

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