One Year For God

Life-Changing Training

Essential: Get to know Jesus better and follow him closer. Practical: Real life, hands-on teaching, learn and do from day one. Stretching: Grow by being challenged to do things you have never done.

Full-Time Missions

Don’t only think, learn or dream about it, do it. From day one, you are released as a full time missionary. You will not just sit at a school desk and wait until it’s your time… now is your time!

4 Months of Tour

Tour in Europe to inspire & equip youth to change their cities with the gospel. As a bonus, eat foods you’ve never tasted, see places you’ve never seen, have fun, and experience the joy of meeting new people & cultures.

The Jesus House

Live in a vibrant environment surrounded by youth with a common passion for God. The international mix of people will shape you and result in friendships for a lifetime.

Have you ever dreamed of

Reaching people with the gospel?

Using your gifts for God?
Making an impact on eternity?
Seeing young people come to Jesus?
Deepening your Bible knowledge?
Deepening your relationship with Jesus?

We Dream of the Same

Our dream is for you to experience Christ in a deeper way and to be equipped to share Him with the world. You will live together with other students, study the Word, pray, worship, do practical work, get Bible teaching, be trained in sharing the gospel and travel around Europe to preach the good news of Christ and to equip other young people to do the same.

A Jesus Revolution year is a combination of learning and doing, with more than 700 hours of teaching in cooperation with our Bible and Missions institute (TBBMI). The teams stay 2/3 of the year in Oslo, ministering to the city etc. From February they travel to different nations of the world to do evangelism, train young people and start evangelistic groups in churches. This is done through a five-day program that includes training, teaching, creative workshops and outreach in the city. After the tour, your year of ministry ends with Summer Team, a missions camp for the youth of Europe.

Hundreds of young people have already been trained and released into ministry. They have experienced the incredible privilege of setting aside time and energy for Jesus and His kingdom. You can give one year of your life to see a Jesus revolution in your own life and in the lives of the people you minister to!life to see a Jesus revolution in your own life, and in the lives of the people you minister to!

Subjects Covered at TBBMI

Here are some of the subjects that you will study at the Bible Institute that will equip you for the ministry:

How to Preach the Gospel, How to Give Your Testimony, The Authority of the Bible, The Holy Spirit, Missions, Revival History, Church History, Prayer, Friendship with Jesus, Trends in the Society, Doctrines, Family, Biblical Truths, Relevant Christianity, Music, Creative Children Ministry, Communication, Short- Term Missions, Spiritual Gifts and Ministry Gifts, Ethics, Divine Healing, Religion, Faith, Prayer Evangelism, Youth Ministry, Jesus – the Model of a Leader, Biblical Portraits, Family and much more.

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