The Jesus House
Geitmyrsveien 7d
0171 Oslo


18 – 29 (Older than 29? Check out our Bible and Missions Institute at tbbmi.no)

Languages of the school

English & Norwegian


Please contact our headquarter for more information.

Dates for 2017/2018

  • Start up: 21st of August 2017
  • Vacations: Christmas and Easter.
  • Ending of the school year: August 2018

How much does it cost to join Jesus Revolution?

Each nation has a set monthly fee, which differs according to the cost of living. Contact us to find out the cost for your nationality.

What is included in the cost?

Food, lodging, and all transportation for ministry purposes.

How do people finance their year?

Most people finance their year through personal savings, fundraising, and by getting monthly sponsors. One important thing concerning finances that every missionary will tell you: never underestimate the power of prayer and God’s faithful provision!

Are there any breaks or holidays?

There are two breaks during the year, during the Christmas and Easter holidays. If you wish to take any extra breaks (for jubilee birthdays & other important events), you must apply for them.

When will I have time off?

Every Sunday plus one extra day. You also have a two hour dinner break on weekdays.

Will I have time for a job on the side?

Jesus Revolution is a full time commitment with days packed with teaching and ministry, so you will not have time for a side job.

What about the facilities?

All facilities are located in the Jesus House in Kongsveien 82, Oslo. There are places for washing and drying your laundry.

Is there internet access at the Jesus House?

The house is equipped with Wi-Fi so you can use your laptop from most rooms.

Do I have to dance?

No. There are many other opportunities. You can work with media, be a technician, or be a part of a base team. We also need people with practical skills such as mechanics, computer technicians, and maintenance persons.

Is there a possibility to continue longer than one year?

Yes. After the first year you can have the possibility of taking the 2nd year: Leader Academy – Preaching and Missions and a 3rd year: Extended Ministry.