In this year’s Summer Team you will have the following workshop and outreach possibilities:

Power Evangelism

Are you hungry to see God at work in his power, by healings, words of knowledge, and bringing his love and presence to people? Then this workshop is for you. You will get extended training in praying for the sick, and other ways of sharing the gospel!


In the dance workshops you will learn a fun and catchy dance. Dancing in the streets spreads life and joy and makes people curious to hear our message.


Use your artistic talent to preach the Gospel in a powerful way. A drama can express more than words and leave an impression in people’s heart that can draw them to their Savior.

Creative Evangelism

Are you a guy with guts? Join in for some action! We will learn different creative ways to do evangelism, that don’t require shaking your body to music. So get ready for some fun challenges and adventures as we share Jesus. There is no limit to what we can do to reach out!