These last years, we have been working to make available the training concept to churches/church movements that want to see youth rise up, be trained and preach the Gospel in their generation. Therefore, we are “giving Jesus Revolution away” to churches/church movements who want to start a Jesus Revolution base or office in their nation.

What is a Jesus Revolution Base?

In order to reach the youth of our nations, we need to mobilize young people to set aside one or two years in full-time service for the King of kings. The devil has many people who seem to be working overtime to lead the young generation astray. The only way to win the war on today’s youth is by increasing the number of workers in God’s kingdom substantially! “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” (Matt 9:37-38)

The goal of a Jesus Revolution base is to provide resources and support for the local Jesus Revolution groups, as well as initiate groups in churches. This is done in several ways:

Jesus Revolution Teams

A Jesus Revolution team is a one or two year voluntary service for young people between the age of 18 and 30 years. Through a combination of teaching, training, prayer, worship, bible study, practical work, evangelistic outreaches and team ministry, young people are empowered to become effective workers in the kingdom, to grow in their faith, and to increase their passion for the church of God and the Great Commission.

Traveling from city to city, these youth demonstrate what a Jesus Revolution group looks like, and inspire churches to start one. This is done through a one week program that includes training, teaching and creative workshops, culminating in a week-end event.

Regional or National Events

A base may organize regional or national events including:
Summer Team: a two week concept consisting of five days of intensive training and nine days of outreach, in cooperation with local churches. This gives the Jesus Revolution groups a possibility to meet, receive new passion and ideas, and engage in powerful evangelism together with other young people. It also serves as a display of Jesus Revolution for young people who may be inspired to do something similar at home.
Regional training camps for Jesus Revolution groups and their leaders. In addition to the ministry towards the groups and national events, a base with a ministry team would provide a great resource for evangelism and youth work in the city and region in which the base is located.

The Mission Training School

The Mission Training School is the means through which the Ministry Teams are trained. It is a 15 week teaching curriculum with 20 weekly lessons, including foundational bible knowledge, discipleship training, preparation for ministry, evangelism and prayer, to name a few. A manual covering the teaching is provided, but additional teaching may be added according to local resources and needs. Leadership training In order to provide team leaders and skilled workers, the base may also offer a second year of ministry called “Jesus Revolution Leader.” This year emphasizes leadership training, character development and gives extended ministry opportunities.

Tools to start a Jesus Revolution work

These are the resources provided for when you set on the course to start Jesus Revolution in your nation:

1. A 5 week training course in Oslo on how to start Jesus Revolution in your nation
2. Introducing Jesus Revolution manual – Vision, values, history and strategy
3. Jesus Revolution Group concept manual -how to implement the groups nationwide
4. Ministry Training School manual -how to run the school, and the curriculum
5. Ministry Team manual -how to run the teams
6. Tours and Events manual – how to run tours, events and booking
7. Base administration manual -how to run a base administratively and financially
8. Hero manual – on discipleship & evangelism for every member of the Jesus Revolution Groups
9. Group leader manual – for the local leaders of the Jesus Revolution Groups
10. Jesus Revolutionary – book on christian lifestyle for youth
11. Love Story – book presenting the Gospel
12. Discipleship manual – for new believers
13. A Web solution – for the groups to connect and get resources

We are now working on the English version of our concept, which will be translated into French, German, Spanish and Italian, once the English version is available (contact us about translations in other languages). A preparation guide will also be available for those who are planning to start in 2010.

Who can start a Jesus Revolution base in their nation?

Any church can start a local Jesus Revolution group. However, in order to start a Jesus Revolution base and ministry team, more resources are required. We believe that this should be done by either:

1. A collaboration of church movements
2. A church movement, denomination or network of churches
3. A regional grouping of local churches
4. A large church
5. A Bible college connected to a church/church movement

Base leadership

In order to start a Jesus Revolution Base in a new nation, there needs to be a responsible leadership chosen by the churches/network/movement that they are going to minister to. The team of leaders who are responsible of carrying out the Jesus Revolution vision will need to go through the five week training course in order to receive authorization. The entities running Jesus Revolution also needs to sign a license agreement formally accepting its mandate and its obligation.

It is possible for several bases to exist in a nation, connected to different churches/church movements. Every base is autonomously run by the ones authorized to do so, and connected to an international Jesus Revolution network.

Implementing the vision through a national office

A church movement may want to implement the Jesus Revolution Groups in their churches, without having the necessary resources to start out with a whole base concept. As a first step, it may establish an office that supports the groups in the network and is available for help and leadership input. Seeing the groups being established in churches across the nation may be the stepping stone to start a base with youth working full time and a Training School.

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