The Gospel to the Youth of the World

Schools, Streets, Screens

How can we reach young people with the Gospel?

How can we make it available to them in a way they can understand?

How can we reach all those young people who have never set foot in a church?

Those are the burning questions that drive the vision of Jesus Revolution: to give the gospel to the youth of the world. We long to see young people around the world being met with the love and presence of God. We burn to see salvation and healing spread to the nations of Europe and the world.

We believe that a generation is rising up with a different boldness and faith. We believe that the harvest is plentiful, and that workers need to be trained and sent to enter that harvest.

We believe in the local church. One of our main activities is to equip youth in local churches to reach their cities with the gospel. To this end we have a School and Student ministry called Jesus Movement, through which we provide teaching, online training, outreach ideas, inspiration, creative resources, instruction videos and more!

We also organize concert tours, summer missions, ministry team tours, new year festivals, and train young people through our one year program in our different bases in Europe.

All for the salvation of the youth of the world!